Social media accounts: to sync or not to sync, that is the question

twitter linkedin syncOne Sunday earlier this year I made the mistake of deciding that a shopping spree on Oxford Street would be a good idea. My first Larry David moment occurred within about two minutes of entering the first shop.

After an unproductive and highly frustrating couple of hours I bailed out and let rip on Twitter. One tweet included the dreaded f-word.

About 20 minutes after that I received a message via LinkedIn, from somebody who – rightly – pointed out the language I’d chosen to use was inappropriate…

Please remember that the tweets you post get re-posted in many other places including LinkedIn where you have connections that can see your Tweet posts. Consider reputation management for yourself and Econsultancy and if you want your professional connections to see you using such profanities.”

A fair point. I swiftly de-synced my Twitter and LinkedIn accounts, so that tweets would not automatically appear on the latter.

Today, on Twitter, Ste Davies posted this message:

Twitter sync post

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Most People Leave Twitter Because it’s Pointless

twitter bird52% of people who stopped using Twitter said they did it because they realized Twitter was pointless. Imagine that. The stat comes from the latest installment of ExactTarget’s Subscribers, Fans and Followers report. This one is called “The Social Breakup” and it’s all about why people stop following a brand on social media.

Yesterday, we talked about Facebook. Today, it’s all about Twitter.

On the upside, people said they liked Twitter because the messages were short, it provided unprecedented accessibility and even more than email or Facebook, Twitter was seen as a two-way street. Though more than half the people who started a Twitter account have stopped using it, the ones that stay are very active and they’re ready to engage in conversation.

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Klout for Business: Useful but Incomplete View of Your Customer + reaction Klout CEO

Special Treatment of Select Customers Isn’t Anything New

Just as companies have been treating wealthy customers, or customers who are more likely to spend more with preferential treatment, there’s no surprise that some companies plan to segment customers based by influence.  As more consumer data appears in social media channels, relying on influence metrics like Twitter followers to blog readers will help companies identify those that can hurt or help the brand on a grander scale.  As a result, companies naturally will seek a standard measurement for measuring influence.

Businesses are Relying on Easy-to-Understand Klout for Finding and Prioritizing the ‘Elite’
Klout, starting to integrate into many digital touchpoints.  From hotels in Vegas offering special services to those with high scores, to a growing range of services that Klout is integrating with, and even politicians, the service is starting to grow.  In fact, I just learned that social integration and curation vendor Echo is already helping some clients sort which content appears on the corporate website based on their Klout score, see their documentation to learn more. Just last week, we learned that Klout is starting to integrate their service right into using browser extensions.
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5 things you didn’t know you could do with Twitter


Oh sure, Twitter is useful for breaking news, conversing with friends and the like. But what about pushing it beyond the limits of simply 140 characters? What if you wanted to find new and exciting ways to make your life easier, all without ever having to leave Twitter?

Here are 5 ways that you can, and we think you’ll like them a lot.

1 – Plan Your Meals

You have some ingredients, but you have no idea what to do with them. While you could browse websites like Supercook to get ideas, sometimes you can’t be bothered.

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8 Features should have

From the

Twitter has truly revolutionized they way people communicate. As true as there are more feature-rich Twitter clients out there, namely: TweetdeckSeesmic and Echofon, there’s no doubt that the official web app is still the most popular way of accessing Twitter.

It has undergone a major face-lift which added a lot of functionality but it still doesn’t compare to clones such as China’s Sina Weibo, which now offers more multimedia options. As much as we appreciate the simplicity of Twitter, there are a few simple features that we think would make Twitter’s web client better: Read More