Retargetting of search ads through banners

retargetingMore and more, the lines between search, display, and social are blurring. Nowhere do the lines get more blurry then when you start blending paid search with display ad retargeting. This strategy is what I like to call a “brand embrace.”

The brand embrace is where you start with paid search to identify consumers and prospects that are actively seeing your products (or information on your products), and then you stay with those consumers throughout the purchase consideration phase with retargeting. Now of course you can use paid search (Google, Bing, and Yahoo) as well as banners, direct hits, and organic traffic to drive consumers into your retargeting bucket. But with paid search, you can start the process with an audience of exclusively “active buyers or information seekers.”

Now I know there’s nothing new about retargeting, but I have found that many clients still don’t understand what it is, and if they do know what it is, they haven’t realized the value of combining it with search. Read More


Be careful with retargeting: and 4 other ways to personalize your customers’ experience

personalize you customer experienceFacebook COO Sheryl Sandberg put it best when she said a website that isn’t tailored to a specific user’s interest will soon be an anachronism.

While the concept of personalization isn’t new, it will be the single most important challenge for marketers to manage this year and for many years to come. With the world going digital so quickly, consumers will soon expect each of their digital experiences (on the web, mobile, email, IPTV, and so forth) to be 100 percent relevant to them while not infringing on their privacy.

To better understand what digital marketers should be doing differently to keep pace with real-time consumer demands around personalization and relevancy, Baynote recently surveyed 500 U.S. shoppers about their web experience during the recent holiday shopping season. Albeit the holidays are behind us, the lessons we learned apply to digital marketers year-round and are a good indicator of where personalization and digital marketing strategies are headed. Shoppers provided their thoughts on online retailers’ behavioral retargeting and privacy practices, mobile and social features, offers and promotions, and product merchandising approaches.

Here’s what we learned: Read More