Advertisers Demand More Audience Targeting Capabilities

Real-time bidding is still a relatively young method for buying online advertising, but advertisers are getting into the game much faster than publishers, who risk falling behind and losing ad dollars.

According to March 2011 research from DIGIDAY and PubMatic, nearly half of publishers surveyed have been forced to turn down requests for proposal because they couldn’t offer advertisers the targeting capabilities they had come to expect.

In addition, two-thirds of publishers said they had seen an increase in requests for proposal that included audience segment targeting. Just 3% had seen no such requests.


Publishers in North America Who Had to Turn Down RFPs due to Inability to Target the Requested Segment, March 2011 (% of respondents)

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New Econsultancy Ad Serving Buyer’s Guide released

third party ad servingEconsultancy has this month published an updated version of the Ad Serving Buyer’s Guide, containing detailed information about the trends and issues affecting the online advertising sector as well as useful advice for those seeking a suitable ad serving supplier.

The 158-page report has a global focus, including profiles of 15 leading suppliers and taking a look at the recent trends that have reshaped the ad serving sector in the last few months. The following five trends summarise some of the main points in the report.

The role of the ad server is changing, forcing providers to reconsider their approach.

For over a decade, ad servers were considered to be the backbone of the display advertising ecosystem. While the market has been gradually moving towards a more strategic manipulation of data, the vast majority of ad serving vendors continued to focus on the technical aspects of ad delivery and invest in functional improvements.

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