Social media accounts: to sync or not to sync, that is the question

twitter linkedin syncOne Sunday earlier this year I made the mistake of deciding that a shopping spree on Oxford Street would be a good idea. My first Larry David moment occurred within about two minutes of entering the first shop.

After an unproductive and highly frustrating couple of hours I bailed out and let rip on Twitter. One tweet included the dreaded f-word.

About 20 minutes after that I received a message via LinkedIn, from somebody who – rightly – pointed out the language I’d chosen to use was inappropriate…

Please remember that the tweets you post get re-posted in many other places including LinkedIn where you have connections that can see your Tweet posts. Consider reputation management for yourself and Econsultancy and if you want your professional connections to see you using such profanities.”

A fair point. I swiftly de-synced my Twitter and LinkedIn accounts, so that tweets would not automatically appear on the latter.

Today, on Twitter, Ste Davies posted this message:

Twitter sync post

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