Stupid: most agencies and clients still attribute all revenues to the last click

recent study by Econsultancy and Google Analytics indicates that a majority of marketers are still using last-click attribution to measure performance-oriented campaigns. But at the same time, marketers are realizing that it is ineffective at gauging the true influence campaigns have on the consumer’s path to conversion. For online video campaigns, be it advertising, email, or on-site, last-click attribution suffers from similar inaccuracies.

To quote Morpheus, it seems that many marketers are still on the blue pill.

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Full-Funnel Attribution Is Better for Everyone – Even Search Marketers

funnelAbout 10 years ago, I worked at a small agency in Los Angeles. Every day on my way into the office I would pass billboards near one of the busiest intersections in the world (the 405 and 101) and think about the millions of people that saw those ads every day. And I wondered how effective they were. The truth is that no one really knows. It’s too hard to know with billboards. However, there is still much-awaited hope for online advertising.

I was thinking about this concept on Sunday when I noticed that Donald Trump’s “Apprentice” is miraculously still on the air. For the brief few minutes I watched and even smaller period where I was refraining from jeering the contestants or the host, I saw two celebrity teams running separate pizza shops and competing to sell the most pizza in a day. The formula was pretty simple. There were some contestants passing out flyers, some dialing for dollars, some making pizzas, and some ringing the register. The teams did well when all parts were moving together and in cooperation toward the common goal. Read More

Beyond Attribution: Harvesting Demand With PPC Search

last click modelNearly every search dollar currently spent on Google, Microsoft adCenter, and the other engines is based on last click attribution. This method works well – at least from the perspective of justifying search spend levels to management. Recently, however, the buzz around attribution of media “beyond the last click” has been all the rage. However, attribution models that allocate credit away from search without re-evaluating the ROI targets for a campaign can result in a significant loss in profit. Here’s why.

At best, most marketers are baking into their attribution models digitally delivered media types that, for reporting purposes, share a common cookie pool. Unless the only marketing you are doing is search and Web display, your attribution model is missing far more information than it actually has to work with. Here’s what may happen in this scenario:
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