How to Integrate Customer Service Into Social Media Marketing

Social media has changed customer service from being a support function to being an extension of marketing. In the social media ecosystem, customers want to know that you’re listening and responding. As your organization’s front line, customer service is where your company becomes real to prospects and buyers by engaging with the public and showing your firm is real and cares. (Here are 100 ways to show your customers you care!)

With social media, you have to win your prospects, customers, and fans with every interaction across platforms. As your company’s point of interaction, customer service is critical to your social media marketing efforts. Zappos is the poster child of amazing customer service across social media outlets. From a customer service perspective, when it comes to social media networks, 46 percent of customers want to solve a problem and almost 40 percent want to give retailers their feedback according to research from Cone, Inc. Additionally, roughly four out of five customers seeks a special deal.

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Source: eMarketer

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