The CMO’s 2011 To Do List – Preparing For The Next Digital Decade

I recently talked to Elaine Wong at Forbes about the top priorities for CMOs in 2011 [2].

In the past, the CMO’s To Do list hasn’t changed much from year to year. Bob Liodice, President of the ANA, indicates that the top 3 or 4 issues have been pretty consistent over the past several years [3]: strengthening the brand, improving integrated marketing communications, aligning the organization around innovation, and improving marketing’s accountability.

But 2010 was a different kind of year. The year that digital became mainstream. This surge, or tipping point if you will, of digitally-enabled business models and consumer lifestyles is changing how CMOs are approaching their To Do list in 2011. After talking to several leading marketers, Bob Liodice of the ANA, and Nancy Hill of the 4As, here’s what I learned:

CMOs Begin Preparing For The Next Digital Decade:

Fast follower CMOs want to get a horse in the digital race in 2011. Some are playing catch up, but they all display a sense an urgency to make their move to remain relevant in the next digital decade. Our prediction is that 2011 will mark a year when many CMOs will remember making significant moves to leverage disruptive technology and emerging media to gain a long-term competitive advantage. Specifically, we identified three macro trends where CMOs will:

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The Rise Of The Chief Customer Officer


Over the past five years Forrester Research has observed an increase in the number of companies with a single executive leading customer experience efforts across a business unit or an entire company. These individuals often serve as top executives, with the mandate and power to design, orchestrate and improve customer experiences across every customer interaction. And whether firms call them Chief Customer Officers (CCOs) or give them some other label, these leaders sit at high levels of power at companies as diverse as Allstate, Dunkin’ Brands, Oracle and USAA.  Read More

Social media not well integrated with Firm strategy


The CMO Survey from Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business and the American Marketing Association is a comprehensive look into the minds of C-suite marketers like few others. The press release for the survey describes the participants

The CMO Survey, is a nationwide poll of chief marketing officers (CMOs) conducted twice annually by Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business and the American Marketing Association since 2008. The most recent CMO Survey queried 3,778 top marketing executives at Fortune 100, Forbes Top 200 and CMO Club companies from Jan. 11-28.

It looks like the C-suite marketing set is optimistic about social media which comes as no surprise because even if you weren’t you couldn’t say it because you would be laughed out of the business (doesn’t mean that you would be wrong but don’t’ dare swim upstream in social media waters!). Spending looks to increase over the next few years. Read More