B2B Brands Undervalue Online Display Marketing


Only 13% of B2B interactive marketers say they have increased online display budgets in 2011 relative to 2010 levels, in large part due to perceptions of ineffectiveness, according to a new report from Forrester.

By placing such a small emphasis on display in their marketing mix, B2B marketers may be missing opportunities, Forrester finds.

Below, other findings from the report Making Online Display Marketing Work for B2B, based on survey of 252 B2B interactive marketers.

Roughly seven in ten (71%) B2B marketers surveyed say they used display advertising during the fourth quarter of 2010, whereas 86% of B2C marketers reported doing so.

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Trust is the new ROI

From Mediapost.com

Okay, let me see if I got this straight: Brands are supposed to act like media companies. Media companies are supposed to act like marketing agencies. Marketing agencies are supposed to act like publishing companies. And consumers are already acting like publishers and marketing agencies.

We’ve seen the exhortations — brands should build a richer affinity with their customers by providing “content,” whatever that is, rather than “traditional advertising,” whatever that is. This shift pits ad agencies, PR firms and marketing service companies against publishers as marketing shifts from promoting capabilities and products to something closer to story-telling. In a weird role reversal, agencies are building up the editorial skills of publishers so they can partner with their clients on content creation while publishers are morphing into marketing companies, building and buying integrated marketing agencies to complement their publishing operations.

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