Are Customers Loyal to Your Brand or Just Your Loyalty Program?

love_matrixAs a marketer, you may find yourself wondering if your customers are actually loyal to your brand, or just to your loyalty program. You may also wonder if your customers are emotionally invested in your brand or if they only purchase from you out of habit and because of the discounts they are given through your loyalty marketing efforts. Does a loyalty program REALLY provide a feeling of loyalty between a brand and their customers?

According to Bond Brand Loyalty, 29% of customers agree that they wouldn’t be loyal to a brand if it weren’t for their loyalty program. Bond‘s Love Matrix (as shown in the photo) displays Read More


Social Breakups: Why Friends, Followers Leave Brands


More than four in five consumers say they have “broken up” with at least one brand on Facebook, Twitter, or email because of irrelevant, too frequent, or boring marketing messages, according to a study by ExactTarget and CoTweet.

Facebook users have become more discriminating in their relationships with brands:

  • 55% of surveyed Facebook users say they have “liked” a brand on Facebook, and later “unliked” the brand.
  • 71% of Facebook fans say they’ve become more selective over the past year about which brands they “like” on Facebook.

Typically, Facebook fans who end brand relationships do so most often by “unliking” the brand (43%) or removing the brand’s posts from their Facebook news feed (38%):

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