OMG, Black friday proves: Social refers 0% online business..

black fridayIf the information that IBM has provided regarding the online activity from this past Black Friday is accurate the folks who tout mobile are very happy.

As for those who tout social media as being a strong referral source for online commerce? Well, let’s just say it wasn’t your best day. For example, with regard to being a referrer for online sales Twitter put up a bagel. For those not familiar with sports lingo that’s a zero. Nada. Zip. Not enough to register. You get the point. Here is the picture for you.

This report is pretty interesting and might be worth your time to get. Hey, it’s free so why not?

What’s your take on this ‘performance’ by social media? Do you have a positive spin to put on it? Are you ready to drive a nail into the social media as commerce tool coffin? Let’s hear it in the comments!


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