Most People Leave Twitter Because it’s Pointless

twitter bird52% of people who stopped using Twitter said they did it because they realized Twitter was pointless. Imagine that. The stat comes from the latest installment of ExactTarget’s Subscribers, Fans and Followers report. This one is called “The Social Breakup” and it’s all about why people stop following a brand on social media.

Yesterday, we talked about Facebook. Today, it’s all about Twitter.

On the upside, people said they liked Twitter because the messages were short, it provided unprecedented accessibility and even more than email or Facebook, Twitter was seen as a two-way street. Though more than half the people who started a Twitter account have stopped using it, the ones that stay are very active and they’re ready to engage in conversation.

For the marketer, that means that monitoring your Twitter accounts and Twitter in general is crucial. Checking in once a day isn’t going to cut it. Twitter moves faster than any other social media network so a response that takes 24 hours is really more like a week in social media years.

Being responsive, doesn’t mean firing off marketing Tweets every hour. Too many repetitive or boring posts was the number one reason people stopped following a brand on Twitter. As with Facebook, too much general clutter was a close second and 27% said they only followed the brand for a one-time deal.

Very few people, only 12% said they left a brand because their own circumstances and needs had changed. That means that the overwhelming majority of the responsibility lies with you, the marketer. People will stay connected as long as you hit that magic number of informational versus entertaining Tweets. What that number is, however, is anybody’s guess.



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